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News de la Semaine du 04/07/2016

Messagepar Ryler » mer. 6 juil. 2016 18:18

COMMUNITY MANAGERS LOG. WEEK 27. Short Week, Long Jacket.

Good Morning, Citizens. Last week was a blast. If you missed it, the June Subscriber Edition of Reverse the Verse was on Wednesday with members of the Austin Engineering Team. I think it was a terrific look at an important piece of Star Citizen's development.

On Thursday, you saw the beginnings of our re-vamped output with Around the Verse #100. With a focus on shorter, more concise segments, the overall feel of the show has changed quite a bit, but that's not where the changes stop. In an effort to be more inclusive with the other three studios, the ATV 100 Celebration will roll across the world with focuses on our other locations before returning home to LA. This week's show emanates from Manchester, and we're running around like Bengal cats right now trying to include some cool stuff.

As was discussed on Friday's regularly scheduled Reverse the Verse, the "Citizen Talk" video (It's not going to be called Citizen Talk) we'd hoped to push out last week but it was not ready for prime time. The TL;DW answer is that we're experimenting with new formats in out community output, and what we put together by Friday morning just wasn't what we were looking for. So that has been canned and we'll revisit the new show format once Chris returns from the UK in a few weeks. As said in RTV, we're going to be experimenting quite a bit in the next few weeks, stepping outside our comfort zones and trying some new things, and that means from time to time, we might not succeed at getting what we want. This being one of those times right out of the gate, we appreciate your patience while we continue trying to evolve our output.

This week also marks the first standalone presentation of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy. This segment was originally produced for our ATV 100 celebration, but in the interest of keeping things concise and easier to digest, we broke it out of ATV permanently to let it exist as it's own thing on Wednesdays along with Bugsmashers. This week's episode is a special one about the center of the UEE itself, the Terra System.

And then Friday we'll see you all back for another Reverse the Verse, this week hosted by Ben and myself.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT HERE: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.c ... nt_6803116


Monday, July 4th
- Holiday

Tuesday, July 5th
- Lore Post

Wednesday, July 6th
- The Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Terra System
- Jump Point Rewind

Thursday, July 7th
- [1200 PDT / 1900 UTC] Around the Verse: Episode 100 Celebration - Part II -
- Vault Update

Friday, July 8th
- [1100 PDT / 1800 UTC] Reverse the Verse: The Community Team's Weekly Livestream -
- June Monthly Report


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